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This is a blog with posts in regards to deploying IT stuff. Posts will mostly be about SCCM, PowerShell, Group Policy, etc. Sometimes I might delve into Ansible and other content, such as monitoring and log management

To say a little about myself (not too much though!), I work full-time as IT-specialist for a non-profit. I finished my CS bachelor’s degree back in 2018. At my job I’m sort of a jack of all trades. My main expertise is in SCCM and Ansible, that is deployment of workstations, VMs, apps, settings, etc. I also have CCNA certification so I can help administer our network of switches, routers and wifi. In addition I administer our VMware virtualization environment. In addition of having passion for my job, I like to play racket sports as well as play drums, guitar and bass (as well as singing sometimes) on my freetime (whatever there’s left of it!).


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